European projects - Stefano Carrano
  English Curriculum

Curriculum Vitae

Surname/First name      Carrano Stefano
Nationality                     Italian
Date of birth                  1959/08/19

 Work experience

Dates from/to          1989 / 1990
Position                   Consultant
Activity                     Researcher database realisation & management
Employer                 Consorzio Agrital Ricerche
Branch                     Agriculture

Dates from/to         1990 / 1992
Position                  Research grant awarded by IRI
Activity                    Researcher database management & information transfer
Employer                Consorzio Agrital Ricerche
Branch                    Agriculture

Dates from/to         1992-04 / 2006-07
Position                  Permanent internal staff employed 
Activity                    Researcher
Employer                Consorzio Agrital Ricerche
Branch                    Agriculture & Environment

Dates from/to         2006-12/ 2014-03
Position                   Consultant
Activity                    Communication on European projects
Employer                 ARSIAL
Branch                    Agriculture & Environment

Dates from/to        2018-06/ up today
Position                  Partner
Activity                  Unpaid volunteer
Employer               GATC - Archeological Group of Cerveteri's Territory
Branch                   Archeology

Education & training

Date                       1972-1977
Qualification            High school degree
Subjects                  Literature, History, Italian, Latin, Greek, English, Natural 
                                sciences, Mathematics, Phisics
Institute                  Liceo Classico Statale "G. De Sanctis" , Roma
Classification           60/60

Date                       1979-1984
Qualification           University degree in modern literature
Subjects                 Social anthropology, ethno-botany
Institute                 Università degli Studi "La Sapienza", Roma 1- Italy
Classification          110/110 Magna cum laude

Mother tongue        Italian
Other languages     English, French, German

Personal skills and competences 
 good communication (oral and written) skills gained  
                               through realisation of scientific reports, guided tours, 
                               extension documents done during the activities realised 
                               for the previous and present employers and for the 
                               European Commission DG Environment (MediaCom 

Activity                 long-term and ample expertise in the management of 
                               research & dissemination projects, in particular at 
                               European level, acquired as technical responsible of 
                               various proposals, in different fields, as for:
                                 a) agriculture improvement of varieties and methods:
                                    - small fruits environmental cultural adaptation 
                                    projects (regional funding "Obiettivo 5b") 
                                 b) waste, recycling & environment: 
                                     - urban waste characterisation (European project
                                       LIFEE "Remecom")       
                                     - utilisation of sustainable fertilisation and compost 
                                       technologies (European project LIFE "FertiLIFE")
                                     - utilisation of sustainable farming technologies 
                                        (European project LIFE+ "Sustgreenhouse")
                                  c) territorial planning & governance:
                                     - design of the relationship town-country (European 
                                       project Interreg III B MedOcc "GreenLink")
                                     - enhancement of soustainable tourism (European 
                                       project LIFE+ "Ecorutour"
                                     - enhancement of common lands management 
                                       European project Interreg IVC "Commons"

Experience          Good skills in filling out documents and admission 
                               packages to participate to European and National fund 
                               candidatures, in the ideation of research and dissemination 
                               projects at European level and in their realisation and 
                               management. Three of his proposals were financed by the LIFE 
                               programme for a total of about 3,000 K€ (projects: “Fertilife”, 
                               “Sustgreenhouse”, “Ecorutour“). Good experience in 
                               participation of calls for European programs and funds. Good 
                              knowledge of the main European research programs and funds 
                              guidelines. Good experience in filling out technical and financial 
                              report for national and European project. Good skills in the 
                              realisation of extension and informative documents and Internet 
                              sites (
                     All this acquired through 20 years 
                              experience at ARSIAL and Agrital in the following European 
                              projects: “Remecom” (LIFE 1997), “Walnut” (FAIR 1996),   
                              “Mediterranean Pinus and Cedrus” (FAIR 1995), “Fertilife” (LIFE 
                              2002), “GreenlLink” (Interreg III B Medocc), “SUSTGREENHOUSE”
                              (LIFE + 2008), "Ecorutour" (LIFE+ 2009), "Commons" (Interreg IVC 2009)

            command on PC IBM compatible Microsoft Office 
                                (PowerPoint, Access, ArcView GIS, etc...),Ubuntu. 
                                Experience in the realisation and maintenance 
                                of database and web-design tools. 

Pubblications        see the specific site



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